He was still a young man living in Ur when God called him.  “Leave your home and go to the place that I will show you.”  That’s what God said.  “Leave, go, I’ll show.”  Leaving is harder than it sounds.  Going is the easy part.  Where He’ll show…that’s a horse of a different color!

Leaving meant saying, “See ya’!” to all that Abram and his family knew.  No more will we visit.  No more hanging out at the local inn for mead.  No more games of paleo-soccer at in the fields.  No more long talks with Dad.  No more eating Aunt Ruth’s fig pies.  No more Ur.  Back then, there wasn’t e-mail, there wasn’t even MAIL.  Alexander was not yet great (or even born) and Rome was a two-horse town in Italy that you didn’t even notice when you passed through!

Leave it all!  Your comfort, your security!  Your friends and family!  Your familiar streets!  Your home!  Leave it all.  Just go!  Go west, young Abram!  Go, and I’ll show!

I’m sure going wasn’t too bad.  After all, travel provided a distraction from the emotional pain of leaving home.  As Kris Kringle taught the evil Snow Wizard, “You just put one foot in front of the other.”  Make sure that the sheep and cattle are coming.  Ensure that the servants haven’t quit or gotten lost.  Where is that darn nephew!  No, honey, I’m sure this is the way, that wasn’t our exit.  Well you should have thought of that before we left Ur.  Normal travel isn’t too arduous these days.  In Abram’s day, it was a chore.  But, it was still probably the easiest of the three steps!

“I’ll show,” God said.  I wonder if Abram was like Bart Simpson, “Are we there yet!?!  Are we there yet!?!  Are we there yet!?!  Are we there yet!?!   Are we there yet!?!   Are we there yet!?!  Are we there yet!?!  Are we there yet!?! Ad nauseum!”  Or was he more like the Sprint guy, “Is it here, now?  Good!  Is it here, now?  Good!” with sarcastic relish!  Every step forward is a mystery!  Every step forward is an adventure.  WHERE AM I GOING!  HOW WILL I KNOW WHEN I ARRIVE!?!

I’m moving to Oklahoma City.  I know more than Abram knew.  Leaving is easier than it was for him, as for me it is not family that I will never see again nor ever speak to, but rather it is friends with whom I’ll have e-mail and phone contact (and occasional visits!). 

Going is easier for me, too.  I’ve got a truck, no servants or livestock, and I know the way already.

The where is a little easier, too.  I know it’ll be around OKC.  Not sure where, but somewhere around the city.

But, easier does not necessarily equate to easy.  I’m scared.  I’m confused.  I’m borderline depressed! (OK, I’m south of the border, take that as you wish!)  So, I rely on God as Abram did.  I trust in Him as Abram did.  And I ask Him, “Here?!?” as Abram did.  I’ve taught how overwhelming that must have been before, but to get a taste of it myself… well, its more overwhelming than I realized!

God, I know you’re directing this.  I know things will come together for me.  I trust you.  Please, don’t keep me in suspense any longer!  Is it here?!?