A pastor with a large and growing ministry came to town to share the Gospel. During the visit, this pastor was invited by a prominent local pastor to have dinner.

This is not an uncommon scenario, and we don’t often stop to wonder about it, but I would like to know one thing: “Why?” Why did the local pastor want to eat with the traveling pastor? Was he truly interested in the message the traveler brought? Was he trying to schmooze the traveler for future favors? Was he trying to improve his position in the local area by being associated with this great pastor?

When the Pharisee invited Jesus to dinner, he showed little interest in being a good host. There is no indication that Jesus was the “guest of honor” other than our tendency as Christians to think that Jesus must be honored. Jesus Himself says the man provided none of the usual courtesies that one expects of a gracious host.

The true question is this: when Jesus stood at the door to your heart and knocked, and you let Him in, what kind of host were you? What kind of host are you?