Sometimes your life may feel like you are alone on a desert island.  Like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”, you may find that survival has become a question instead of a given.  You may crave companionship.  You might just want some basic creature comforts.  In those times when you are feeling alone, you might even want to cry out like David and Jesus, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!?!”

But when you are feeling alone, take some time to reflect on your conversations with God.  Are you still regularly communicating?  If not, how long has it been since you “called Daddy?”  How long has it been since you spoke to your Heavenly Father, sharing your joys, your woes, your struggles?  Often, you’ll find that starting up talks with God will draw you closer to Him.

But what about those times when you are still crying out?  What about those times when you pray without ceasing, and yet you cannot find God anywhere in your life?  At those times, you must follow some simple advice that I once received in the Army: “Shut up and listen!”  When you keep telling God what your doing for Him, you cannot hear what He wants you to do.  When you are so busy talking, you’ve stopped listening; and when you’re not listening to God, it’s easy to go adrift in life.

So, throw that old volleyball away (Wilson never was good conversation anyway), and start talking to the One Who wants to hear about your pain and joy.  Listen to what God has to say, and you’ll find yourself no longer “Cast Away”, but caught up in His love.