How do you view the “Holy Bible”? Do you see it as a book of fables and myths that give us direction through pithy anecdotes? Or, do you see it as a book of rules and regulations, definitions of character and morality?

Our society tries to force us into one view or the other. Liberal theologians will tell you that real miracles are the changes of heart and character, and that stories that appear to defy the laws of nature are fanciful tales. While they appreciate the beauty of the words, they disregard large portions of the Bible because it’s a group of “either unbelievable miracles or a land of make-believe. (Bishop John Shelby Spong in “The Sins of Scripture”).

Conservatives have a different habit. They look for eternal principles to apply to life. They see the Bible as a lawyer sees the state book of statutes. Conservatives dig through the Bible highlighting “thou shall”s and “thou shalt not”s. Ten CommandmentsThey are so focused on the words of scripture that they often miss the Word of scripture.

Perhaps we should find a different way to read Scripture. Perhaps, we should approach the Bible as God’s Word. Perhaps we should try to form a relationship with it; to be known by it as we come to know it. Like a young couple that is starting a relationship, perhaps we should seek to find not just the literal “truth” of the Bible, but also the exquisite beauty.

Today, don’t merely read your Bible, but start a relationship with it. Get to know the God Who’s Word it is. Your life will be enriched in more ways than you can know.