TallSkinnyKiwi posted this link, worth considering. The call is to “Take The Pantry Challenge”.

In this world where waste is common, and in North America where our poor would be upper-middle class by most of the world’s standards, maybe this is a way for us to reach out by first reaching in. To see what its like to live only on food that is in your pantry you get an idea of just how hard it is when you have little/no choice in what you will eat. Secondly, you get to see just how well off you really are.

The money you would normally have spent on filling your own pie-hole could be spent helping out those in need. What a great idea. Give up some of our abundance to alieviate someone else’s poverty. I point you to here and here for
proof that this is not a new idea.

Maybe they’ll know that you’re doing this for Jesus. Maybe, you’ll meet Jesus while your doing this. Just a thought.