I read a good post over at The Philosophical Pastor, regarding living right. She recommends a book (I haven’t read it, but plan to), that calls for “downsizing” our lives. Evidentaly, consumerism is dying. ‘Bout time! We don’t need so much stuff pushed down our throats!

After reading her blog, I checked out http://www.freecycle.org/, to see what it was about. What a great idea! God has entrusted us as stewards of creation. As I’ve said before, when Dad gave you the keys to his car, he didn’t expect to get it back trashed! Quite the contrary for most of us, he expected to get it back washed and vacuumed!

This program at http://www.freecycle.org/ is a great way to take a step in helping to keep God’s creation clean. Free-cycling is based on the idea that “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” I am issuing a call to my church for someone to step up as a coordinator for the Frederick, OK, branch of this wonderful group.

Maybe then we’ll have more of this:

Summer landscape

And less like this:

Littering Pic.1

I, for one, have heard too few preachers talk about caring for our world. You don’t have to LOVE “Mother Earth” to want to care for the Father’s creation! To borrow from Dennis Miller, pardon me while I rant here, but, why aren’t we more concerned with caring for the gifts that God has given us? Genesis 2:15 tells us our purpose in God’s creation: “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

Note: God did not put us in His creation to abuse it, deforest it, strip mine it, pollute it and dump our refuse into it! He put us here to “take care of it”. Sure, we’re not in Eden anymore, but we are still to care for the earth.

End rant. 🙂

Anyway, http://www.freecycle.org/ seems like a great idea, and a timely mission.