I started the second phase of my workout program this morning, and parts of my body that I forgot I had are screaming at me! Muscles I haven’t used in ages are killing me. Its funny (actually, its not –ouch!) how muscles that aren’t used often weaken, and lose strength. Its seems strange that once some part of the body is built up that it should ever tear back down.
But I think that is how faith is. We can build it up, walk out blindly trusting God, get to the point where we KNOW that God’s got us covered, and still, if we allow enough time to go by, start having doubts again. Our faith is like our biceps, its only big when we work it out: put it to use alot, and its strong and evident to all; forget it, and, well, forget it!
So, tonight, I’m gonna nurse my sore arms and back–and work out my faith! How about you?