on and on and on.

Busy time of year for all, but especially for pastors.  Double the visits (in AND out of the office), double the coordination for worship service (guest singers and all), double the extra-curricular (church functions, school functions, life — maybe that should be treble or quadruple the extra-curriculars!), normal exegisis times AND shopping (not this man’s favorite activity!).

I have found that this year my calling is to be particularly nice to folks in the stores.  Eases tensions, brings smiles, makes me want decaf :-).

Well, Sunday is the church’s party, and the unveiling of this years Christmas play — only this year it ain’t a play, it’s a MOVIE!  That’s right, we filmed a movie.  Tomorrow I get to start the film editing.  The filming is over, the audio is done, splice and dice and make sure it’s nice!  Oh, and I’m learning how to use Moviemaker!  Good fun!

May you be a smile in a sea of anger and a calm, upbeat word in a world of seasonal angst.  May God shine not only upon you, but also through you.