Sounds exciting in Spanish, don’t it!?!

So, Jacob, after fleeing for his life and his life (first life was figurative, second is literal), comes face to face with his past. A moment of crisis, a true change in character is coming to completion.  Jacob, the man who always ran away, has now run toward his past.

Esau remembers that Jacob got both the birth-right AND Isaac’s blessing.  Esau was not happy.  But, Jacob has changed.  He has been tricked, and realized that its not funny.  He has been shrewd and he has become responsible.  As he wrestles with his past, along comes God.

Some will argue that Jacob’s wrestling was metaphorical.  Some will argue that he really did actually and truly wrestle with God.  All I know is that he came away limping, take it for what its worth.  The point is, Jacob came to a moment when he had to choose, revert to the old or embrace the new Jacob.

And so, he wrestled.  He grappled.  He held on to God, he clung to his God, he tried to pin down his God.  In the end, God was bigger than him, and walked away, but not before Jacob was blessed.  Not before Jacob was made new.  Not before Israel moved on with his life.

Israel can give us a good lesson.  As we come to that moment of crisis in our own lives, that moment when we find we are running headlong into the problems we avoided years ago, we must choose — grow into God, or shrink back to self.  We need to wrestle with God.  We won’t win, but, if we hold on, we might just find a blessing.

Wrestling with God may or may not be a physical activity.  Sometimes it takes the form of sparring with the guy in the office that just ticks you off by breathing.  Sometimes it takes the form of facing that ex who broke your heart.  Sometimes, we need to realize that part of the message of Matthew 25 is that we find Jesus in the cold, poor, hungry, sick, imprisoned and hurting people of the world.  Sometimes we realize that these people don’t always LOOK cold, poor, hungry, sick, imprisoned or hurting.

So, luchadors, its time to get your stretchy pants on!  Its ok to do it in your room when you grow up!  Grab your mask!   Get into the ring!  Love the unlovable, and pin yourself. Grab God, and hold on for the blessing.

Lucha con El Dios!