It occurs to me that hopelessness is a form of NOT loving God.  Hopelessness is, in effect, saying, “God, I don’t trust you to make things better.”  It’s a form of fear.  It’s a form of showing more love for yourself than for God.

Sometimes, I want to look for answers down here.  I want to prove that I AM a big boy.  That I AM capable of taking care of myself.  That I AM in charge.  But that too is a form of blasphemy.  I’m not sure that I AM wants me taking His name in vain.  And when I reach that point where I realize that I CANNOT take care of my problems, that I am dependent on I AM, I have a choice to make.

Do I choose despair and hopelessness?  Do I throw up my hands in frustration that “I” couldn’t solve my own problems?  Or, do I turn to “I AM” to solve my problems?  Do I as “I AM” to take over and fill me with hope and joy?

Recently, I’ve been choosing despair.  I’m starting again to choose God.

How about ya’ll?