In college, I was not exactly an organized person. Not that I am now, either, but in college it was more noticeable. You see, I went to the U.S. Military Academy. Everything there is in nice pretty lines (even the socks in your sock drawer, they inspect it!!). So my being a naturally disorganized person REALLY stood out there.

While at the Academy (Woo Poo U.), I had the good fortune to room my last 4 semesters with an outstanding man named Kurt Schumacher. A child of God if ever there was one. Also, a very neat and organized man. Kurt was the first person I ever saw use a desk calendar for something other than doodling. He kept very detailed notes on his schedule on it, he checked it three or four times each day, and he would cross of the things he had accomplished. It listed his homework, his appointments, special events that interested him, deadlines for ANY work he had to do.

One day I noticed that there was a consitent entry on his calendar. Every day, early in the day, he had “TAWG” written on his schedule. It was a timeslot that I had always assumed him to be in class during. My curiosity began to be piqued. Eventually, I broke down and asked him, “What is ‘TAWG’?”

He looked at me like I was witless, and in a very even voice he said, “Time Alone With God.”

I was fascinated. He made a daily appointment on his calendar to meet with God. He never missed that appointment. He would move other appointments around to make sure that it was one of the first meetings he had each day. To Kurt, God was like a VIP.

That got me thinking. Why didn’t I treat God like a VIP? Why didn’t I spend much time with Him — let alone make special appointments? I said I was a Christian. I claimed to follow Jesus, yet I didn’t seem to ever make time for God. I treated God like He wasn’t all that important. Again, next to Kurt, I felt like I really stood out for something you don’t want to stand out for!

But, just as I’m disorganized in the World and it is barely noticed (because we live in such a chaotic world), so too my lack of respect for my Lord and my God is barely noticed in the World. Way too many people don’t take time for God. Or rather, far too many people don’t MAKE time for God.

I make time to be with Susan, my wife. I make time to play with Lysa, my daughter. I find time to sit with my friends and chat. Yet I claim that the same God I’m ignoring is more important to me than ANY of these. Wow! How human of me!

Today, I resolve to make more appointments with God. I pray that you will do likewise. Then, maybe we’ll truly show the World that we really DO love our God.