Haggard made a mistake. We must accept his apology and help him and his family move on to a new life.

Driscoll called on (in his words) “male pastors” to watch out for sexual sin. In the process, he (apparently) inadvertantly offended most Christian women in North America. He made a corrective statement in Ted Haggard Scandal 2.0 which, to be honest, really fueled only more controversy. Driscoll FINALLY came out and admitted his error, cleared the air, asked for forgiveness, [NOTE: as I’ve re-read Driscoll’s “apology”, I find that, while apologetic in tone, he never asks for forgiveness, and his blog never apologizes! — amended 9:30 CST] and reitterated his fear for ANYONE in a marriage who’s spouse is not satisfying their sexual needs.

His reward, more flaming arrows. While I must admit that the attitude that comes across in most of his blogs is chauvanistic, and that the man can (and often does) sound like a real jerk, I feel that he for once (at least) has done the right thing [NOTE: well, said part of the right thing. While he has clarified his original messages intent, he has still not apologized — amended 9:30 CST]. Yet loving, caring Christians who don’t want to see anyone hurt are making a great show of hurting Mark. Apparently, anyone doesn’t include evangelical leaders who have a more traditional conservative view of the worship of God through Christ Jesus.

“Love hopes all things, believes all things. ” Paul said that, not me. I hope that love will ALWAYS rise to correct wrongs, like it did with Rev. Driscoll’s initial post. I believe that love will impact people, like it impacted Mark. I hope that followers of Jesus can learn to forgive our harder to love brothers “seventy times seven times.”

Mark, I forgive you. I hear the seed of truth you are trying to sow. I am glad you admit your early post was genderly biased and unfair to wives of male pastors. I truly hope and pray for your ministry, and for the ministries of those who are so inflamed by this situation.

I just have one more question: Why is it so easy to for give Ted Haggard, yet so hard to forgive Mark Driscoll?

[NOTE:  While Driscoll, I think, wants to apologize, he still has not.  I guess he is afraid apology will show a weakness that a leader cannot afford.  I disagree.  His tone is apologetic, so many of people (myself included) have already forgiven him.  BUT, for many who were more deeply wounded by his remarks, apology seems in order.  Funny though, I think Mark’s reply would echo Katharine Jefferts-Schori’s reply to her critics, “Get over it.” — added 9:30 CST]