So my silence ended, and I am back in the real world.  I WANNA GO BACK!!!!!!

Seriously, coming from the peace and serenity to the hustle and bustle was a bit of a shock.  It seems that whenever I get anytime away, Satan takes time to play! 

The best part of the experience isn’t so much the silence as it is the communion with my fellow pastors.  We share our difficulties and what we feel is an area where we need prayer, we then enter into our time of silence, and then we share how God spoke to us in the silence.

 This time, God was gentle with me.  I had a time of rest, a time to read, and a time to experience peace.  I had several deer walk within twenty yards of me several times.  I saw a mountain goat.  I listened to birds, squirrels and leaves play with each other.  I thought about how beautiful God’s creation is.

Do you take time for silence?  If anyone ever reads this blog, I hope you will share your experience of silence in God with me.