I am fortunate to be a member of a group of pastor’s who love each other.  Twice a year, we gather together (always at unique, different locations) and have a retreat for renewal.  We have a time of sharing, a time of bread breaking, a time of worship, and then we go into a time of silence.

We take a 24 hour vow of silence.  We spend a day reflecting on who we are, what God wants from us, how we are serving God, just resting, whatever you are moved to do.  And God is there!  Just like Elijah found on that mountain, God is palpable in the silence!

Today (in an hour or two), I’m off to the former Devil’s Canyon.  It has been renamed “Methodist Canyon Camp”, and no longer serves as a home for bandits and outlaws.  There, I will join with others to experience the bounty of our God.  I cannot wait.

Tomorrow, I will be silent.  Wednesday, I will be renewed!